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Advent Steel & Engineering Limited was established in 2015. It has owned pre-engineered steel buildings manufacturing plant that spans over 25,000 square feet on the outskirts of Dhaka, at Keraniganj (approximately 15 Kilometers from Baitul Mukarram Mosque, Dhaka). By Partnering with Advent St- eel & Engineering Limited, the clients are assured of quality products and services.

We deal with various pre-engineering fabrication processes such as manufacturing of high tensile H/I beams, Cold roll & Hot roll forming, roofing, cladding and other steel value addition processes. The institution is highly specialized to give “ONE STOP” solution for pre-fabricated/engineered st- eel structures, buildings and multi- dimensional facilities, all under one roof. Many companies talk about relationships, but when you join forces with Advent Steel & Engineering Limited, you are receiving security, accuracy and efficiency with a personal touch.

Advent Steel & Engineering Limited has a workforce of approximately 150 employees, as engineers, operators, welders, fabricators, site supervisors and managers. It owns excellent range of modern construction and transportation equipment and machinery. All of our machineries are world class which meets highest standards of quality and efficiency.

At present, our plant capacity is more than 10,000 metric ton of pre-engineered steel buildings products/structural steel in a year. We are commited to supply top most quality, integrity and honesty when it comes to handover project successfully. We have been undertaken numerous projects around Bangladesh like erecting warehouse, sheds, electric control rooms, industrial complexes, storage facilities, power plants and site offices for large and renowned organizations, such as Civil Aviation Association of Bangladesh, Ministry of Relief and Disaster etc.


The vision of Advent Steel & Engineering Ltd. (ASEL) is to become Asia’s leading manufacturer of steel structures and metal building components.


ASEL’s mission is to “engineer the earth” - to enable effective use of steel to enhance infrastructure in Bangladesh and the world. ASEL is dedicated to the achievement of the ultimate three bottom line:

  • Working with enthusiasm and novelty with client satisfaction.
  • Performance with sincerity, integrity and honesty.
  • Providing technologycally superior products and highly completive price to empower the client.

Besim Dauti